What To Look For When Buying A Laptop 2018

It’s 2018 and obviously there will be many people looking for laptops in this year. But the biggest question arrives in mind that what to look for when buying a laptop in 2018. If you have ever contacted someone about this topic you should be knowing that everybody is  giving different opinions to you on this topic, some would be like no don’t go for i5 go for i7 processor it is the best or some will be no don’t go for lenevo go for apple it is best but you know this is all shit. You are looking for a laptop and you are asking someone because you are not having that much knowledge on this topic. You are consulting someone for this because you want to know more about the laptops available in the market. But how can you say that you are asking the right person.

It’s like asking a doctor how to do engineering knowing that he can’t help you with it but the tragedy is he will still give you some opinions. So know you will be thinking whom to consult, so don’t worry here we are to help you. Now let’s get started with what to look for buying a laptop in 2018.

What To Look For When Buying A Laptop 2018

Purpose For Buying A Laptop :-

what to look for when buying a laptop

The first thing you need to find is for what purpose you are going to buy a laptop. You should be knowing for which kind of things you are going to buy a new laptop. You should be clear with this because every laptop serves you with a different purpose. Let me explain this clearly to you by letting you know about the various types of laptops available for various purposes :

  1. Buying a laptop for business purpose will cost you less and will have all the features you need.
  2. Laptop for gaming purpose will have high purchasing cost but will be best for your gaming needs.
  3. Buying a laptop for school/college work you don’t need to spend much on these.
  4. A laptop for web browsing and entertainment are available at even low prices without compromising with features.
  5. Laptop for creating media like recording sound or using it as a workstation are also available in the market.

Choosing A operating platform

So second thing that you should be focusing on will be the operating system on which your laptop is going to function. There are different kinds of operating system available in the market you need to know which suits you best. The different operating systems are Mac OS, Chrome OS and windows. Lets discuss the pros and cons of these to help you more with this choice.

Max OS

Pros Cons
  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • Top-down software and hardware approach
  • Works well with iPhones and iPads
  • Mac computers can also run Windows via Boot Camp
  • More expensive than Windows
  • Fewer software options
  • Very few games
  • No touchscreensupport
  • Recent updates have not impressed

Chrome OS

Pros  Cons
  • Simple and easy browser-based interface
  • Lightweight software
  • Extremely inexpensive hardware options
  • Android apps expand the software ecosystem
  • Applications are limited compared to “real” PCs
  • Limited storage space
  • Poor accessory compatibility
  • Heavy reliance on Google tools


Pros cons
  • Best selection of software and widest variety of hardware
  • Can work on desktops, notebooks, and tablets
  • Easily thebest choice for gamers
  • Works with almost all accessories
  • Biannual updates introduce new features
  • Faster update schedule can become confusing
  • Compatibility issues with some hardware
  • Different versions create confusion
  • Microsoft struggles to get modern apps written

You need to find the perfect screen size, Screen quality and also the battery

what to look for when buying a laptop

As we all know that laptops are getting more lighter and powerful day but what i want to remind you of is the battery life. Everyone knows that laptops don’t provide you with much of battery life so you can’t roam with them everywhere as they need to get be plug in for charge very often. So you need to identify how much you are going to use your laptop. So choosing a laptop with a battery back up according to your work is what you all need to do.

Secondly on the basis of your daily work you need to identify which type of screen size suits you better and will be good for you. Also choosing the screen quality according to your choice is one of the good thing. What I mean to say is you need to choose from anti-glare to glossy screen quality so choose wisely. Also choosing a laptop with more pixels will allow you to fit more stuff on your laptop screen.

Keyboard quality

what to look for when buying a laptop

You should be thinking why to talk about keyboard right but it is important as you need to find a keyboard that is comfortable to use. Also if your are looking for a laptop with a touch pad then also you need to check that it doesn’t gives you a bouncy cursor and also  hoe it response to multi touch gesture. select the keyboard that performs smoothly when you checked it out.

 Choosing laptop CPU

what to look for when buying a laptop


Choosing a ram that suits you best is also a main task as it should be perfect for you let me discuss some of them below so you can make your choice. CPU is basically referred to the brain of the computer.

  1. Intel core i3 the performance of these laptops is low as compare to the i5 and i7 processors. But the laptops are available at low price and some have quite good features.
  2. Intel core i5 laptops are the best combination of price and performance compared to i3 processor. The laptops powered with these processors are quite powerful then the low model laptops.
  3. Intel core i7 laptops powered with these tends to deliver more power then the laptops of other series available in the market.

Choosing Laptops RAM

what to look for when buying a laptop

If you are really going to buy a laptop then i will recommend a laptop with 4Gb of ram. Laptop with 4Gb ram are also good to use but if you can spend more then go for 8Gb ram. Also if you think you are not satisfied with 8Gb then you have options for 16Gb and more but they will cost high.

Storage or Hard drive

One more important thing then your cpu performance is the storage. i would recommend you to get a laptop with solid state drive or SSD. The laptop with SSD provides you three times speed and a faster laptop overall.

Graphic Chip

what to look for when buying a laptop

Considering a graphic chip is also one of the need as it will be one of the basic thing to discuss on. An integrated graphic chip is good for you if you are not playing games, creating 3-D objects or doing some high resolution video editing. But if your demands are high then you should be looking laptops with AMD or NVIDIA graphics card. Also check out the list of high to low models of these graphic cards. As there are many laptops available in the market from high end to low end graphic card from these companies.

Laptop Ports

Don’t compromise with the availability of ports on laptops. Every laptop comes with a USB 3.0 and HDMI ports for videos output. If you want to increase  no of ports go for type-C connector that will be beneficial to you. As using type-c connector you will be able to connect universal chargers and docks. Also few laptops come with optical drives, because all software and movies are downloadable. However, if you really need to read write discs and your laptop of choice doesn’t come with a built-in DVD drive you can buy it from market and that will not cost you much.


Choosing a brand is also one good option because from that you can explore the availability of laptops that they provide you. So choose the brand you are going to look for.

That’s all for the topic what to look for when buying a laptop in 2018. Hope you are all set up to buy a laptop.

These Were :- what to look for when buying a laptop 2018

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